Achieving the Right Look with Custom Foil Labels [Video]


How to Get Custom Foil Labels

Not all custom foil labels are created the same because label buyers have different labeling needs and packaging looks. We offer several foil options to suit various designs, budgets, and technical requirements. In our video, we go over three popular methods for achieving custom foil labels like foil film, metalized silver paper, and cold foil stamping. Each method has benefits and drawbacks – check out our video to see how these custom foil labels work and what they can do for your brand.

Why Foil Labels Are Popular:

  • Adds visual interest to packaging.
  • Makes coupons stand out so a promotion is more likely to be noticed.
  • Enhances perceptions about a brand’s quality.
  • Accentuates a label’s artwork making the design more unique.
  • Increases the memorability of a product or brand.

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