Essential Oil Labels

Essential oil labels on products

Beautiful Labels For Essential Oils & More

Selecting the right label material and size is key to achieving successful essential oil labels. This is because customers often rely on packaging to determine if they’re buying a quality product. Oil products are packaged in a variety of container types and sizes from spray bottles and dropper bottles, to roller bottles and vials. We also have a wide selection of materials and cutting dies. This ensures that your essential oil labels will compliment your packaging. Check out our labeling guide for oil-based products or get an instant online quote to start your order.

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Selecting A Material For Your Labels

Oily product contents pose a labeling challenging because the oil can damage the label or cause adhesion issues if the wrong materials are used. We recommend using a film rather than a paper for essential oil labels because it’s more resistant to oils, moisture, and abrasion. However, selecting a material often depends on the look you want.

  • Opaque white film is a versatile material that can blend into white containers or contrast against a colored container.
  • Clear film creates a “no label look” on glass, plastic, clear, or dark-colored containers.
  • Metalized foil film has a mirror-like shine that adds a premium quality to products without much effort.
  • Like metalized film, the holographic-patterned film is shiny but it has patterns that move and shimmer when light hits it at different angles.

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