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Consolidated Label® offers labels that fit your style and budget. Make your label stand out with a with a unique shape and your logo to increase brand recognition or a catchy tagline for some personality. One of the cool things about bottleneck labels and stickers is they give you more design space to play with. This makes all the difference when you’re short on space with your primary label. Contact us or get an instant online quote today to start on your labels!

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More options for custom bottleneck labels.

We’re only happy if you’re happy. Because of this, we offer a variety of customization options to get a label look that puts a smile on your face. From shiny foil films to cost-effective papers, we carry a wide range of materials to fit any type of label design. However, since custom bottleneck labels often apply to a tapered neck, we also have cutting dies with a curve to ensure a smooth, even application.

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Bottleneck labels for branding

Creating a brand (let alone one that is memorable) is often a long process that usually happens before customers come to us for labels but that doesn’t mean that your labels can’t play a role in your branding. Even something as seemingly small as bottleneck labels can add that special extra detail that differentiates your brand from competitors. See how bottleneck labels can benefit your brand and improve your overall packaging design.

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