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High-performance vinyl labels and stickers.

Suitable for industrial marking and outdoor use, white vinyl film is a high performance material that offers excellent tear strength, dimensional stability, opacity and water/chemical resistance. Outdoor vinyl film is a superb choice if you need extremely durable labels.

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Vinyl labels for industrial and outdoor uses.

Labeling items that will face harsh conditions require the right combination of materials to ensure your labels can stand up to moisture, extreme temperatures, and abrasion. Polyvinyl chloride – better known as PVC or vinyl – is a durable plastic film that has excellent resistance to oils, chemicals, and many solvents. Vinyl labels typically cost more than other types of label materials but they play an essential role in displaying crucial safety information like warnings, directions, product/machinery identification, and more.

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Vinyl labels and stickers for a variety of applications.

Vinyl film offers excellent tear strength and water/chemical resistance which makes them an ideal choice for labels and stickers that will face tough conditions typical in manufacturing settings. Whether you need vinyl labels for industrial equipment or vinyl stickers with your logo, we’ve got you covered!

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