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A great way to include additional information on your packaging is with custom multi-layer labels. The labels even make it possible without adding much bulk to the packaging. These labels, also known as ‘expanded content’ labels, contain dual-layered laminated panels which attach by a hinge to a pressure-sensitive label. For example, the resealable top panel of the label peels back cleanly to reveal copy printed on the back of the top panel and on the top layer of the base.

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With thousands of custom die-shapes and an assortment of materials in stock, improving multi-layer label products is possible. Thus allowing the streamlining of your label design with compressed information. The diversity and flexibility of these labels will help your product provide more information to consumers without over-complicating the label design. With economic considerations, many companies are looking to drop the boxed product. In doing so, relying on getting all of the information needed on the product proves difficult. However, when you have multiple layers for content, it becomes much easier.

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Benefits of custom multi-layer labels.

The pharmaceutical and medical industry primarily uses multi-layer labels for application. This is especially true when government regulations require product information to remain intact with the product. Sometimes those requirements include lengthy amounts of text. To be able to create a legible label but meet the government requirements, placing information on the inside of a label is ideal. Graphics that pop or shine is of less importance to customers in this market.

Other options with these labels include recipes on food labels, promoting sweepstakes/giveaways, detailed instructions, multilingual information, or displaying legal text.

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