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How piggyback labels work.

Piggyback labels aren’t just fun to say, they’re fun to use too! The labels consist of two labels. The bottom label stays adhered to the surface (box, envelope, folder, etc.) and the top label peels off and re-applies elsewhere. Also known as two-layer and double-layer labels.

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Piggyback labelling applications.

This versatile label type can be used for sweepstakes, mail-in rebates, business reply cards, promotions, coupons, and more. Piggyback labels are comprised of two layers of label material where the top layer is able to peel off from the base layer which stays adhered to the surface, whether it’s packaging, mail correspondence, print publications, etc. The top layer can be reapplied to an envelope or business reply card making it easier for your target audience to respond back to your promotion. Piggyback labels also work well as instant redeemable coupons since the top layer with the deal can be peeled off and redeemed.

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Piggyback labelling options.

Nested piggyback labels make it easier for your customer to recognize that it’s a peel back label because the top label (the peel off) is slightly smaller than the base label.

With flush cut labels, we cut both layers to the same size. Thus allowing for more design space on the top layer. This style, however, can make it slightly difficult for your customer to remove the peel-off layer.

Flush cut with tab labels are the same as flush cut labels as far as label size. However, the added tab makes it easier to locate and remove the peel off layer.

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