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Custom Vitamin Labels

Vitamin Labels That Get Noticed

Make your product stand out with custom vitamin labels that look as good as your product makes customers feel. Certainly, the integrity of your labels is a top priority. Our high-quality materials will ensure your label remains legible throughout the product’s lifespan. We offer variable data printing which is great for printing consecutive numbers, serialized barcodes, multiple languages, and more. Get started on your custom vitamin labels by getting an instant online quote! For more information, please call us at 1-800-475-2235 or email sales@consolidatedlabel.com.

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Vitamin label

Multi-Layer Vitamin Labels

Multi-layer labels, known also as hinge labels or expanded content labels, peel back cleanly with no adhesive residue and have the ability to be resealed. Basically, these are great for displaying directions for taking the vitamins and other pertinent information to your product.

With ever-changing FDA regulations and new market trends, the use of multi-layer labels continues to grow in popularity for legal and marketing purposes. Some companies’ only solution for FDA compliance is to use multi-layer labels. However, not every industry must display their product’s nutritional, medical and instructional statements on its label.

Flexible Packets for Vitamins

We also offer flexible packets that work great for single-serve portions, samples, or special formulation packs.  Packets are a popular type of flexible packagingprinted on durable, pliable material. These materials form into a single-use packaging solution. This packaging is great if you want to cut bottles out of the production process, create single-use product, or distribute samples. Consequently, flexible packets span different markets and offer various benefits to your sales and marketing strategy.

Choosing the Right Material

Make your vitamin labels stand out with the right material – we carry a wide selection of materials such as gloss, clear, matte, foil, and more. Get started on your custom vitamin labels by getting an instant online quote!

Vitamin label

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