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Custom glossy labels are one of our most popular products because they’re versatile, cost-effective, and look great. Glossy labels are also used in a variety of markets like food, beverage, health, beauty, and more. Whether you’re looking for a simple label or something that will make your product stand out, glossy labels can do the job. Get an instant online quote to start on your labels.

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Custom high gloss labels in any shape, size, or material.

Glossy white labels are a blank canvas that you can transform through artwork, shape, finishes, and more. Thus we typically recommend using a laminate or UV coating to enhance glossiness and durability. Consequently, gloss laminates and UV coatings work great to protect a label’s inks from rubbing off or smearing. Gloss is recommended for many indoor applications as outdoor environments can cause fading to the label. We also have thousands of custom cutting dies to make your labels fit your container perfectly or stand out with a unique shape.

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If you have related product families or want to test multiple designs, digital label printing is a great option. By using variable data label printing technology, the digital label press can switch out graphics and text without altering the rest of the design. We also offer short-run labels, a cost-effective solution for those who need a small number of labels. We print small batches of labels using digital printing to achieve beautiful results. There are no plates or die tooling fees with digital printing. As a result, this means receiving labels in less time and at a lower cost per label than flexographic.

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