Shrink Bands

Tamper-evident shrink bands and seals that protect your brand, product, and customer.

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Combine and bundle your products with our multi-packaging shrink sleeve solutions.

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Shrink Sleeves for Cans

Find the perfect fit for your canned beverage or cover-up project.

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Professionally Printed Shrink Sleeves

Designed for durability.

Shrink sleeves are printed on plastic or polyester film materials. This means they have fantastic durability against moisture and heavy use. Not only do they offer more graphics coverage than regular labels, shrink sleeves are an ideal choice for products that face humid or moisture-heavy environments, such as showers and refrigerators.

Labels Designed for Durability

Full-wrap packaging adds appeal.

Shrink sleeves allow for full coverage of your containers. This maximizes your marketing area and allows for additional graphics, ingredients, warnings, and more information important to your customers. We can also add extra security to your products through perforated tamper-evident seals and shrink bands.

Full Wrap Labels - Tamper Evident Seal

Fits almost any container.

The beauty of shrink sleeves is their ability to perfectly contour almost any container shape. We can fit our custom shrink sleeves onto tapered bottles, wide jars, and more. You can even get more than one of your products packaged together with our multi-pack shrink sleeve option.

CBD Oil Shrink Sleeve Labels

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Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Shrink Sleeves

What are shrink sleeves and how are they applied?

A shrink sleeve is a type of film packaging that slides over the product container and is shrunk to conform to the container by applying heat through a heat tunnel. Custom shrink sleeves give your product the ability to showcase vibrant graphics that wrap around your product’s container completely.

What are the types of shrink sleeve packaging?

Shrink sleeves can dual perform as a label and tamper-evident seal. Basically all we need to do is add a horizontal perforation near the cap. Customers save time and resources with shrink sleeves since the need to buy and apply two label products is non-existent.

If you don’t want to completely overhaul your labels but would like to protect product contents, an excellent option is to use custom shrink bands. They work by shrinking a strip of film onto the cap and neck of a container to create a seal and typically it’s perforated with a ‘V’ or ‘T’ cut to allow for removal.

What are the benefits of using custom shrink sleeves?

With head-turning graphics and vibrant colors, custom printed shrink sleeve labels have been shown to increase sales by 20% over traditional pressure sensitive labels. Shrink sleeves maximize the marketing space on your product which allows for more opportunities to impress your customers. They’re extremely effective for adding visual appeal to packaging thanks to their full-body design, especially when paired with a contoured bottle. Custom printed shrink sleeves also offer:

  • 360° design coverage
  • Can fit most containers and can contour to special shapes
  • Moisture and abrasion-resistant
  • No adhesive makes containers reusable.
  • Glossy, matte, and texture finishes available.

How durable are custom printed shrink sleeve labels?

Custom printed shrink sleeves are extremely durable label options. Because they’re printed on film, they can withstand moisture and heavy handling. They also have a great shelf life, making them perfect solutions for storage and retail shelving.

Still have questions about shrink sleeve printing?

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