Professional Metallic / Foil Label Printing

Add instant visual impact to any product.

These eye-catching labels are an effective way to add instant visual impact to anything you want your target audience to immediately see. As a result, metalized paper and films work in a variety of markets like food, beverage, bath & beauty, and promotional. With the use of other inks, we can tint the metallic label material to create other colors that go perfectly with your brand, product, or sales strategy. In short, our customization options allow you to create appealing labels and stickers in any shape, size, color, or design.

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Create a lustrous look with custom foil labels & metalized paper.

Metalized silver, gold, or film creates a lustrous foil look and tend to be more cost-effective alternatives to hot or cold foil stamping. With spot color inks, unique shades like blush and champagne also help achieve an eye-catching look.

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White underprinting to create a unique design effect.

We can also mask specific areas with ‘white underprinting‘ so only parts of the label maintain its metallic look which creates a unique design effect. In short, white ink adds a sort of barrier preventing the color of your bottle/product from showing through and “mixing” with your design. The original colors of your design are preserved and are vibrant and opaque.

Whichever way you customize your labels, our dedicated customer service team will be happy to help with your project.

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