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Custom Labels

Full customization.
Choose from hundreds of materials & films.

Custom Labels

Shrink Sleeves

Full-color, 360 design coverage.
Simply stunning.

Flexible Packaging

Printed on durable, pliable material.
Shipped on ready-to-form rolls.

Graphic Measures International

Quality + Color Consistancy = Packaging Excellence.

Bureau Veritas ISO 9001-2015

An international standard for quality management.

The Leader in Custom-Printed Freezer Labels

Capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -65°F.

Most adhesives have a minimum application temperature of 40-50 °F before they crystallize and become solid – but not with custom freezer labels. These specialty labels can stand up to temperatures as low as -60°F without causing adhesion and appearance issues. We carry a variety of paper and film options so we can create a labeling solution that works best for you.

Freezer Label Material

Moisture-resistant or water-proof for condensation.

Not all freezer labels are the same, which is why it’s important to let us know what you’ll be labeling, the environment, and other conditions your labels will face. Consequently, we use materials that are tested by a third-party facility to ensure our materials meet the highest standards.

Close-Up of Freezer Label

Quality assurance and checks.

Before your labels are shipped to you, our production team carefully inspects every detail of your order to ensure it’s up to standards. Additionally, each of our label materials are inspected by a third party that objectively certifies their standards.

Guaranteed satisfaction

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