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Custom Labels

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Shrink Sleeves

Flexible Packaging

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Flexible Packaging

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Radiant sunscreen packaging that lasts.

Sunscreen packaging needs to stand up to water, constant handling, greasy contents, and more. On top of all that, it should be attractive! That’s why we offer a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes to print custom sunscreen labels that look professional and stand up to all sorts of conditions. We also print flexible packets for convenient travel and sample size packaging. Whether your sunscreen sits on a shelf or gets tossed into a beach bag, let us help your brand put its best face forward with beautiful labels.

Custom Sunscreen Label with Ingredients

Secure product contents with tamper-evident seals.

Protect your sunscreen packaging with tamper-evident seals, like perforated shrink bands and label seals. Another packaging solution we offer is head-turning shrink sleeves, which provide 360-degree coverage. These full-body labels provide more space for artwork and important information. Plus, we can incorporate a tamper-evident seal into the design to safeguard product contents.

Sunscreen Shrink Sleeve Labels

Durable sunscreen labels for tubes and bottles.

We print many types of custom sunscreen labels and can help you select a label material and shape that works best for your container. For instance, flexible films are perfect for squeezable sunscreen tubes since they can be pinched without ruining the label. With our high-quality materials, easy reordering process, and multiple design variation printing capabilities, your brand will always have its best face forward. here are some popular label material options for sunscreens:

Squeezable white film works great for sunscreen labels since it’s flexible and won’t lose its shape. Clear film that blends into the container to create a “no label” look.

Expand your sales/marketing efforts with product samples in flexible packets given out at your next promotional event or attached to the current packaging. Check out our article to see how flexible packaging can benefit product owners.

Three Sunscreen Bottles with Labels

Quality at Every Step

Our quality assurance team inspects your labels through the entire printing process, checking for things like readability, barcode scannability, and print quality. Need color accuracy? We're GMI (Graphic Measures International) certified in color matching accuracy on our flexographic and digital printing presses.

Graphic Measures International

Quality + Color Consistancy = Packaging Excellence.

Bureau Veritas ISO 9001-2015

An international standard for quality management.

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