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Cover up mistakes with style.

Mask printing mistakes, grammatical errors, outdated information, and anything else that needs to be changed or concealed with custom cover-up labels. Although we have several label options that will discretely hide the printed material underneath. Cover-up labels (also known as “blockout labels”) do have some special requirements, so let us know what you need to mask so we can select the right materials to create a seamless solution.

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How custom cover up and blockout labels work.

Standard label materials are not opaque enough to fully block-out text or images underneath the label. Whether you need labels for packaging, envelopes, flyers, or magazines, we have several label options that will work for you.

A high-gloss paper that has a special opaque barrier – which is great for labeling items that are mostly used indoors.

Another option, Metallic paper or film overprinted with white ink (the metallic material acts as an opaque barrier).

An opaque film with a dark barrier undercoating is a good choice if you need extremely durable cover-up labels.

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Why cover-up labels are needed.

Pretty much anything that needs to have text and graphics corrected, updated or replaced can use a cover-up label so your target audience gets accurate and timely information. To give you a better idea of how cover-up labels can help your business, below is a list of common uses.

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