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The Right Bottle Labels for Your Products

Labels on bottles are constantly being tested with exposure to liquids and everyday handling. It’s important that your label manufacturer understands the challenges of making long-lasting bottle labels that can stand up to the challenge.

Our inventory of high-quality materials will make sure that your water, beer, wine, or juice bottles best represent your brand. We also print bottleneck labels and stickers to add an extra special touch to products!

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Bottle labels printed by Consolidated Label
Measuring tape

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Shrink Sleeves for Bottles

An effective way to grab attention and improve your product’s appeal is through shrink sleeve labels. These full-body labels work especially well on unusually shaped bottles or with cool artwork. Commonly known as ‘shrink sleeves,’ these labels wrap around a bottle for 360-degree graphics coverage, making your product stand out on store shelves or your website while being resistant to damage from moisture and abrasion. Another popular material we print labels on is clear film because it allows your product to show through parts of your label design – perfect for brightly colored juices. Clear labels can also blend into the container for an elegant “no label” look.

Shrink sleeves on bottles printed by Consolidated Label

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