Custom Die Cut Labels

Custom Die Cut Labels on Salad Dressings

Hip to Be Square

…Or round, or circular, or any other shape you choose! We have thousands of “cutting dies” available to create a variety of custom die cut labels. If we don’t already have what you need in our die library, we can even create a custom die especially for you (a one-time tooling fee applies in the event you need something that we don’t already have). We can print rectangle, square, circle, oval, and custom die cut labels in a variety of sizes for whatever look you want. Feel free to check out our online quote tool to see what types of label shapes and sizes we carry.

Download our white paper to see how to attract more customers by upgrading your custom labels!

Thank you guys. I had some trouble with the labels from another company but you guys did it right the first time. – Alex W., Superior Cleanse

Custom Die Cut Label on Household Product

Custom Die Cut Labels for Packaging

Packaging containers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes which makes finding the right labels all the more important. Unique packaging can present labeling challenges due to special contours and angles, but that doesn’t mean that perfect fitting labels are out of reach. With some good planning and sample containers to test, we can create exactly what you need.

  • Round and flat surfaces: Rectangle labels work well on round containers like bottles and jars because they wrap around creating a tight fit. Flat surfaces are the most versatile since practically any label shape can work. This works as long as the label isn’t too big to fit the area or small where it gets lost.
  • Contoured containers:Applying a standard pressure sensitive label to a contoured surface can be tricky because the label’s edge can lift up. Shrink sleeve labels, however, are a good solution since they can fit unique-shaped containers while offering 360-degree graphics.

Check out our label size calculator to find a label size that fits for your bottle!

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