Multi-Pack Shrink Sleeves

Multi-pack shrink sleeves

Add Value With Multi-Pack Shrink Sleeves

Multi-pack shrink sleeves (commonly referred to as ‘multi-packs’) are a popular type of shrink sleeve that is used for bundling two or more products together for promotions or shipping and handling. They can be clear or printed with custom artwork to add shelf appeal and branding to products. We print multi-packs on durable shrink film which makes them extremely resistant to moisture, abrasion, and tearing. For more information or to place an order, please call us at 1-800-475-2235 or email

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Twin-Pack and Multi-Pack Solutions For Businesses

Twin-pack and multi-pack shrink sleeves work with all sorts of products and markets like food, beverage, beauty, health, and more. Twin-packs are often used for promotional giveaways such as “buy one get one free,” samples of a new product, or travel size versions of a larger product. Multi-packs are great for packaging multiple products into one unit for easier shipping, handling, and transportation.

Like other types of shrink sleeves, twin-packs and multi-packs require special shrinking equipment for application. Please contact your co-packer or shrinking equipment vendor for more information to ensure a seamless application process.

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