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Custom Shrink Sleeves for Cans

“Shrink” Your Cans to Increase Packaging Appeal

Aluminum cans have been making a comeback in the beverage industry for a variety of reasons like portability, sustainability, freshness, and even changing consumer perceptions/preferences. Smaller manufacturers, however, may find that pre-printed cans are unfeasible for their operations due to printing and minimum requirements costs – fortunately there is an alternative. Shrink sleeve labels (commonly referred to as ‘shrink sleeves’) are a unique product we produce that offer 360-degree design coverage for cans and other packaging types such as bottles, aerosols, and tubes. Check out the benefits of shrink sleeves for cans below!

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Shrink Sleeves for cans

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Benefits of Shrink Sleeves for Cans

There are many reasons why our customers choose shrink sleeves over traditional ‘pressure sensitive’ labels – mostly because they make their product look amazing! Whether you’re a craft beer manufacturer looking to get a competitive edge or a beverage company expanding their product line, shrink sleeves are an inventive, stylish solution for can packaging. Benefits of shrink sleeves for cans:

  • If you have multiple product lines, shrink sleeves allow for more flexibility when it comes to packaging. That’s because you can get a large number of blank cans and apply shrink sleeves to only the amount you need, instead of ending up with more or less of a pre-printed can than you need.
  • Shrink sleeves pack quite the visual punch since they cover the can’s surface with brilliant colors and attractive graphics. Also, since the label artwork is printed on the inside of the material, you won’t have to worry about abrasions. These abrasions tend to ruin your beautiful artwork.
  • We can print shrink sleeves with unique features like foil accents, matte finishes, and texture to create truly original packaging. Let your brand and product’s personality shine with custom-designed shrink sleeves. These labels jump out to consumers, tempting them to buy your product.

Label Application

Before you start your order, there are some things you should know about shrink sleeves. For one thing, applying shrink sleeves require equipment made specifically for shrinking. For instance, a radiant heat tunnel, hot air tunnel, steam tunnel, or hybrid tunnel. The equipment isn’t cheap but the investment can pay off in the long run. Another option is to outsource to a co-packer which has benefits and drawbacks. Our dedicated customer service team would be happy to help you get started on your custom shrink sleeves or answer any questions you may have.

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