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Whether you need a certain label shape to fit onto your product’s container, or just want your labels to look interesting, there are a variety of benefits for getting custom shape labels. For one thing, labels with a unique shape are more likely to stand out in comparison to standard shapes with similar artwork. We carry over thousands of custom cutting dies and can even make a special custom shape for an additional fee.

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Be different with custom shape labels.

Differentiating your product from the crowd can be a challenge. However, unique custom labels can make that objective easier to achieve. We offer a variety of ways to make your labels demand attention like shiny materials (e.g. foil and holographic), full-body shrink sleeve labels, specialized inks, and of course, custom shape labels.

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Why choose your own shape?

  • Unique container shapes may need an irregular label shape to fit the container’s contours to enhance the packaging and make label application easier.
  • Labels that are cut into recognizable shapes – like a heart, star, or four-leaf clover – can reinforce a brand’s image.
  • An interesting design paired with a custom label shape can be more impactful to consumers than if it was printed with a standard shape like rectangle labels.
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