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Keep track of everything with consecutive number labels.

Consecutive number labels are perfect for keeping track of equipment, inventory, or other items to make your operations run smoother. Our consecutive number labels (serial number labels) print on digital presses. Depending on the complexity of your custom labels, your dedicated customer service rep can help you decide. Decisions such as which label shape, size, and combination of materials will work best for your project.

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Digital’s variable data printing technology.

Consecutive numbering for barcodes can be any size or any number of digits. Also, digital presses’ variable data label printing technology allows you to start and end your consecutive numbering on any digit. However, if you plan on selling your products in retail stores, you will need to obtain a UPC barcode that has restrictions on size, color, and appearance.

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Durable materials for tough applications.

Consecutive number labels may need to stand up to some tough environmental conditions that are typical in the medical, mechanical, and automotive industries. However, to ensure your labels will last for an extended period of time, you should select durable label materials (like vinyl or polyester) with a laminate finish and/or UV coating. A laminate will help your labels maintain their quality against heat, moisture, constant handling, etc. Let your customer service rep know where your labels will be used so we can give you the right materials.

Also, check out our durable label solutions or this guide on how to start with weatherproof labels to learn more.

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