I need to label a frozen product. What type of label should I use?

Using label materials that aren’t designed for freezing conditions can cause issues with looks and performance which is why we recommend using a freezer-grade label material like white polypropylene film with an all-temperature adhesive. Freezer-grade labels can be used for pre-frozen food packaging, cold storage, and distribution, contract packaging (aka “co-packing”), blast freeing/industrial kitchen, outdoor elements/sub-zero, cryogenic laboratories, and corrective labeling for cold environments.

Depending on your labeling needs, certain materials may be better suited for the job than others. Knowing the conditions and environments your labels will be exposed is crucial when selecting materials that will work best for your frozen product or whatever item you’re labeling. Let us know the details of your labeling project so we know to us label materials that have a minimum application temperature and service range temperature range that will work for your product and/or application environment.

When a label adhesive isn’t designed for cold temperatures, it will stiffen and lose its adhesive strength as the temperature decreases. Most adhesives have a minimum application temperature of 40-50 °F before they crystallize and become solid whereas “cold temperature” or “all temperature” adhesives can work in temperatures as low as -20 °F. Service temperature range refers to the temperature range the adhesive can perform after the label has been applied and built up to its ultimate adhesion. Most pressure sensitive adhesives have a range of -65 °F to 200 °F with a paper label stock or up to 300 °F with a film label stock. Learn more about freezer-grade label applications in our guide.

The more you know about the item you’re labeling and the conditions it will face, the easier it will be to get freezer-grade labels that meet your needs. Our customer service team would be happy to help you get started on your labels, just give us a call at 1-800-475-22365 or email sales@consolidatedlabel.com!