How do I get wrappers for food products?

There are several factors to consider when getting custom wrappers for food products like product contents, design, and budget. We carry materials that are specifically designed for wrappers to create the desired shape and an airtight seal that protects the product from spoiling or tampering. Since you’ll be packaging a food product, it’s also important to note that the material must be safe for food contact.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the labeling and packaging of processed and raw foods like fruits and produce. Let us know you’ll be packaging a food product so we can help you select a material from our FDA-approved list. Below are material types we can use for wrappers and other types of flexible packaging:

  • Film: Durable with a high-end appearance, film works for a variety of products and is an ideal choice for greasy contents like gels and lotions.
  • Foil: Available in metalized silver film or paper, foil adds eye-catching shine and visual appeal to wrappers.
  • Paper: Typically less expensive and durable than film, paper works great with solids and powders. It has a less refined appearance which complements natural and organic aesthetics.

Dry, solid food products can use any wrapper material whereas liquidy or runny contents work best with film. There’s more to packaging a food product in wrappers than materials – you will need the right filling equipment. Check out How to Get a Form-Fill-Seal Machine for Flexible Packaging for more information.