Why Choose Clear Labels?

Picking a label can be a difficult decision, especially if you’re unfamiliar with labels in the first place. One type of label you might want to consider is a clear label. Every year, we print millions of custom clear labels because they allow product owners more flexibility with their product’s design than other types of labels. In this article, you will learn some things that can be done with clear labels so you can be able to determine whether they’re right for you.

Clear labels can blend into a container or application surface so it looks like there isn’t a label. Clear film can be a cost-effective alternative to printing directly onto containers because it can achieve the same elegant effect but with less technical processes.

Accentuate Bold Colors

Clear labels can make brightly colored products stand out on store shelves because the material and design won’t cover up the color(s). Cutouts, patterns and graphics on clear labels can accentuate a product’s bold colors. Additionally, clear labels can possibly lower your ink and material costs because it doesn’t need as much design to give your product shelf appeal.


White Underprinting Can Help the Design

Inks on clear labels can appear transparent unless they are underprinted with white ink. That means that a layer of white ink is applied behind the parts of your label design that you want to be opaque. Depending on the color of the application surface, white underprinting may or may not be necessary. Containers that are white don’t require white underprinting because the container is giving the label design opaqueness.

Create an Interesting Effect

With a little creativity, clear labels can be designed to achieve a cool effect. One thing you can do is apply a clear label on the front panel of a clear container and another label on the back so customers can look through the product and see the back label’s artwork. Products that aren’t inherently interesting can be made more so with a cleverly designed clear label.

Why Choose Clear Labels

Show off Unique Product Contents

Like bright colors, a product’s unique contents can be highlighted by clear labels. The product’s container is an important consideration because it should be transparent for consumers to see the contents. A clear container and label puts most of the attention on the product’s contents, which can be used as a visual selling point by emphasizing the contents’ uniqueness.