Custom Roll Labels: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Custom roll labels

It may be hard to imagine that something as simple as choosing roll labels over sheeted labels can make your labeling project or operations run smoother – but it can, and for several reasons you probably haven’t considered. Getting the “right” or “best” label format (i.e. roll or sheeted labels) depends on a couple different factors, like label application for example. In this article, we’ll help you understand how roll labels can be beneficial to your labeling project so you can get the most efficiency when applying custom labels.

Just Roll With It…

Roll labels are our most popular label product since they are how most of our other label products are delivered to customers, regardless if they order paper/film labels, shrink sleeves or flexible packets. We’ve compiled different considerations for choosing roll labels to help you decide whether they’re right for your order.

  • Make label application less complicated. Labeling equipment typically requires roll labels in order to apply the labels to a bottle, container, box, etc. for continuous label application. Even if you’re applying labels by hand, roll labels can still make application easier since the roll can be unwrapped as little or much as you need. It can be harder to peel back sheeted labels since they’re flat, whereas labels coming off a roll have a slight curve so it’s easier to peel back the liner from the label. (FYI, there are table top roll dispensers that are inexpensive and can easily dispense a roll label from the liner.)
  • Can help lower your labeling expenses. Roll labels with thinner material (e.g. clear film) can help increase your labeling efficiency because more labels can fit on a roll thus reducing how many rolls you need, as well as how often the roll is changed out. Being able to fit more labels onto a roll can help decrease your shipping costs since a smaller box, or fewer boxes, are needed to ship your order. The time and resources spent during label application can also go down since the roll doesn’t need to be replaced in the label applicator machine as often.
  • Flexibility with label quantities per roll. We can print anywhere from 100 to 10,000 custom labels onto a roll depending on what makes sense for your project. Roll labels’ versatility allows you to keep the label quantities on each roll consistent for simpler record keeping; or have different label quantities on each roll for multiple product lines, labeling projects or shipping destinations.
  • Unclutter your workspace. Most businesses could probably use more space to make their operations run more efficiently. Roll labels can help maximize small or cluttered workspaces since they are a compact way to store large label quantities so precious room isn’t taken up by a lot of boxes.

Why We Can’t Get Enough of Roll Labels

Since the time we entered the label industry, we’ve been printing roll labels for all sorts of markets because of how well they work from a printing, shipping and application viewpoint. There are certainly instances where sheeted labels can be the better way to go, like if you want to have promotional handout stickers at your next event. However, most of our customers opt for roll labels which have given us a lot of experience with the format. If you’re uncertain about ordering roll labels, we can help you you determine your roll specification so you get the labels you need.