Developing Label Designs That Sell

Tips For A More Appealing Label Design

Are you looking for a way to design or even refresh your product label? Unsure where to start?

Developing better product labels starts with researching and understanding what your competition is doing. Spend some time in the aisles where your products are sold. You’ll start to see design elements common amongst the brands featured there and patterns will start to emerge. For example, when it comes to juice labels, you’ll find bright natural colors and fruit imagery; browse the labels for household cleaning products, and you’ll see a lot of white (which connotates purity and cleanliness) and airy, natural imagery.

This observation is how you begin to understand your “category language” – the established visual elements that convey the basic ideas of your product. Pay attention to the images and colors used in your product’s category – those are the core parts of the category language that will influence your label design.

Once you understand the building blocks of your category’s language, you can break the rules. Look at your competitors and break down the common visual elements, then pick something else to do differently and stand out. Do keep some standard elements for familiarity, so your custom product label still communicates in a “dialect” your customers understand. For example, try using a different, bolder color while maintaining the standard imagery of your product category.

When creating the label design, it’s crucial that you or the label designer follow our artwork design specs to ensure the design can be printed at a high-quality. After your label design is finished, next comes ordering labels! Get started on your labels today with our instant online price tool.