Flexible Packets Send A Solid Message

Along with an awesome label design, your packaging tells your story and is a great way to get noticed. Custom flexible packets are an excellent packaging option to get positive brand exposure, increase product sales, and ultimately grow your business. Packets are a popular type of flexible packaging that is printed on durable, pliable material which can be formed into a single-use packaging solution. Whether you want to cut bottles out of the production process, create single-use versions of your product, or distribute samples to potential customers, flexible packets can be used across different markets and offer various benefits to your sales and marketing strategy.

How They Work

Flexible packets are one of our most technical products – but they’re also one of the coolest. Graphics and text are printed right onto paper or film material that is specifically designed for flexible packaging. Paper works great with solids and powders and tends to be less expensive than film. Gels and lotions, however, should be packaged in film packets as it provides a better protective barrier and is more flexible against bending and twisting. Both materials create an airtight seal which not only protects the contents but also reduces spoiling or tampering.

After your packets are printed on your chosen material, we send them off to your co-packer or manufacturing facility so the product can be packaged through equipment that folds and seams it into a final shape. You might be wondering why we don’t package them here. That’s because we specialize in printing labels, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging; converting the printed material into a packet, stick pack or other types of flexible packaging requires special equipment and a different type of expertise. We would be happy to recommend some co-packers that can help you create the final package.

Popular Markets for Flexible Packets

A variety of products can be packaged in flexible packets but there are certain markets where they’re often used, like health and beauty. We’ve printed flexible packets for vitamins, dietary supplement drink powders, sports energy gels, shampoos, lotions, oils…the list goes on. Packets work well with the health and beauty markets because of their durable material and construction. Food condiments are another market where flexible packets can be seen since a small packet can give a single-serving of a sauce or seasoning for hungry, on-the-go customers.

Flexible Packets for Sales and Marketing

As we’ve mentioned, custom flexible packets can be used for different types of products but how exactly can it help your sales and marketing? The benefit of packets, besides their design and function, is that they give product owners different tactics for selling and marketing their product. Here are some ways flexible packets can be used as part of your marketing strategy:

  • Attach samples to magazine ads, brochures, direct mail pieces.
  • Distribute samples at trade shows, promotional events, store locations.
  • Sell travel size and sample options online or at stores.
  • Include packets in thank you gifts, event gift bags, media kits.
  • Acquire customer information through a “Request a Free Sample” form.

Whether you decide to incorporate packets into your product lineup or switch your current packaging to packets, there’s more than one way that they can benefit your business. It’s an ideal solution for packaging products in sample, travel and single-serving sizes. For more information or to request a quote, please call us at 1-800-475-2235 or fill out the contact form below.
Graphic with flexible packets in the background and text saying "Flexible Packets: An Eye-Catching Packaging Solution."