Holiday Labels Help Customers Create Memories

The giving season is right around the corner and what better way to excite customers into giving your product to their loved ones than with festive holiday labels? (Ok, there might be one better way to get customers excited to buy your product like holiday coupons but holiday-themed labels rank up there.) Not only can limited edition labels make the holidays feel more festive, they can also turn your product into a keepsake memento. We’ll show you how to get holiday labels for your products so your brand can become a part of customers’ holiday memories.

Rolls of custom wine labels with holiday label designs for Christmas and New Years.

5 Ways to Make Your Labels More Festive

Some of our holiday labeling tips can be used to tweak your current label design while other tips are a little more drastic and eye-catching. Whether you want to make a small change to your labels or give your labels a completely distinctive holiday look that is very different from your year-round labels, our tips below show you the best way to kick your holiday marketing game into high gear.

  • Add a gift tag: A small but effective way to make your product labels look holiday ready is by adding a gift tag to the label design allowing customers to write personal “To” and “From” messages to their loved ones. We suggest using an imprintable varnish on the area of the gift tag so it’s easier for customers to write on the label.
  • Use holiday imagery and colors: Whether your labels are celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah or the New Year, there are colors and images you can use to communicate those holidays. If you have multiple product lines, you can even do a different holiday color and graphic for a particular product line’s labels with variable data label printing on our digital label presses.
  • Use a festive label shape: Another way you can leverage holiday imagery is through the shape of your labels. Christmas trees, ornaments, fireworks, turkeys…a custom shaped label can complement your holiday theme and differentiate your brand from competitors. We have a large inventory of cutting dies in different shapes and sizes, but we can also create a unique custom die for a one-time fee.
  • Make it glitter: Shiny foil labels and metallic accents can elevate the look of your packaging while grabbing customers attention from a distance. The two most popular ways to achieve a foil look is by printing the label onto foil paper or film, or through “foil stamping” which basically overlays film material onto certain parts of the label. Foil paper/film is useful if you want the majority of your label to be shiny while foil stamping is good if you only want small metallic accents like stars or Christmas tree lights.
  • Create your own unique twist: Don’t let your holiday labels blend in! Adding a holiday-related pun to product names and descriptions can make your product stand out with humor and put a smile on customers’ face. Another way you can put a unique, personal touch to holiday labels is with a photo of your family or company’s employees on the back label saying “From our family to yours.” Whether you go the funny or heartwarming route, your holiday labels will be more memorable to customers.
Graphic with a quote by Dale Carnegie about persuasion.

When it comes to buying, people tend to be more emotional than logical. Sure, they might do some research on the internet or ask their friends for recommendations, but it’s the products that leave them with an impression they’ll remember, making them more likely to buy. Brainstorm some ideas with your team or label designer to see how to get your product labels ready for the holidays, or ask your customers through email surveys and social media polls what their favorite holiday traditions, foods, movies, and songs are if you need some inspiration. Have fun with your holiday labels!