Labeling Company Brings Shrink Sleeves to the Middle Market

Orlando, Fla. — Consolidated Label, Inc., one of the leading pressure sensitive and flexible packaging manufacturers in the country, today announced the launch of Shrink Sleeve product packaging capabilities to its already vast array of core offerings.

The Company, known for providing affordable labeling solutions to small and large businesses, is now making it a top priority to deliver quality shrink sleeves to middle market customers as an alternative to labels alone. Unlike adhesive labels, shrink sleeves showcase the bottle or package with vibrant colors in 360 degrees with full graphic impact.

“While there’s a great deal of challenges with the printing and production processes of shrink sleeves, we adopted it into our business because of the numerous benefits it had to our customers,” said Joel Carmany, president of Consolidated Label, Inc. “In fact, one of the biggest benefits is the entire package and label can be recycled as no adhesives are used within the shrink sleeve process.”

In order to print and produce shrink sleeves, the Company has completely revamped old and introduced new processes to meet the manufacturing demands of shrink sleeves. This includes more advanced equipment, enhanced safety and revisions to quality control.

Beginning with pre-production, the quality control methods include prototyping and distortion testing of the design prior to manufacturing the final product. Another unique element to the Company’s quality control is an air-pressure system to discover any tears or gaps in the shrink sleeve seam. Lastly, before the sleeves are finished, samples are tested to ensure the sleeves conform perfectly to the customer’s container.

“With each and every order, we’re exploring new and better ways to avoid the hazards, while becoming more efficient in shrink sleeve production,” added Carmany. “We can now offer the opportunity for mid-level manufacturers to own an impressive visual identity that wasn’t available to them in the past, which has been our goal from the start.”

About Consolidated Label:
Founded in 1981, Consolidated Label is one of the country’s leading suppliers of labels and flexible packaging. It produces labels and packaging for thousands of customers across a wide variety of industries including food, beverage, household products, medical, pharmaceutical, and promotional products.