Labeling Tips for Tapered Containers [Video]

What are tapered containers?

Tapered containers are in use in a variety of markets ranging from food and beverage to household and personal care. In this case, “tapered” refers to a container that changes dimensions from one end to the other, often narrowing or becoming more rounded in the middle. If your product is packaged in a tapered container, or you would like to label an area that tapers (e.g. a wine bottle neck), there are a few things you should know before jumping into your next label order. Our video explains the challenges of labeling a tapered container, as well as several labeling tips that help solve these issues.

Our Labeling Tips:

  • A rectangle label on a tapered area can cause issues like flagging (edges lifting up), bubbling and creasing because it can’t lay flat against the container’s surface.
  • There are three things we can do to ensure a smooth label fit: cut the label with a curve, go with a smaller sized label or print shrink sleeve labels for full-body coverage.
  • Clear or white film is typically recommended for labeling a tapered container since its flexibility helps ensure a smooth application.

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