Keep Products Fresh with Reclosure Labels

Reclosure label on wet wipes

Reclosure labels (also known as resealable labels) are used on packaging to keep products fresh after opening by limiting their exposure to the elements. They’re an ideal solution for perishable products in the food, beauty, and medical markets since they can not only extend the freshness of the product, but also make the packaging easier to use.

Let’s take a look at different materials options for custom reclosure labels and learn how to select one that works with your product.

It’s All In The Label Adhesive

Reclosure labels can be printed on different types of film, but what really makes them different from other pressure sensitive labels is the adhesive we use. Without the right adhesive, the reclosure label will either be too hard to open, or not reseal correctly, making them useless. That’s why it’s crucial to let us know your label and packaging requirements so we can help you select a material that will meet your needs. Below are some scenarios to help you see what type of reclosure labels your product needs.

For Damp Conditions

  • Food products kept in refrigerated storage face damp conditions due to condensation and the product contents. When using a reclosure label on food products, it’s important that the adhesive is FDA compliant (i.e. FDA 175.105 requirements) and also easy to peel. Reclosure labels for food products can vary in strength depending on how much of a seal the product needs. For example, sandwich meats and cheeses can benefit from a stronger peel to give consumers more confidence in the seal and product’s freshness.

For Dry Conditions

  • Products that are stored in cupboards and pantries – like crackers, cookies, and other dry goods – can benefit from using an adhesive designed specifically for dry conditions. This smooth-peeling adhesive type is an economical solution for dry good products because they don’t need to be as durable as other adhesives that face more challenging conditions.

For Chemical Resistance

  • Dealing with moisture and chemicals can be tricky but the right adhesive can handle the task. Beauty and medical products, like cleansing towelettes and disinfecting wipes, require an adhesive that can not only work in wet environments, but is chemical resistant too. One particular benefit of using a high moisture/chemical resistant adhesive is that it has excellent adhesion rebuild which means the adhesive will last through the product’s lifespan.

Reclosure labels are becoming increasingly important as more products are packaged in flexible packaging and thermoformed plastic due to their ease of use and convenience for consumers. Depending on your product and its environment – dry, moist, high moisture/chemical – we’ll be able to help you find the right combination of film and adhesive materials to go with your packaging. Call or email us today to get started on your custom reclosure labels!