Shrink Sleeve Labels Increase A Product’s Shelf Visibility


Behind It’s Growing Popularity

While shopping at the grocery store, I noticed a shift in the labeling of many household cleaning products. Instead of pressure sensitive labels for household cleaning products, many national brands are shifting to shrink sleeves labels.

When you look at national brand cleaning products on the shelf next to the store brand, it’s easy to see the instant visual impact vibrant shrink sleeves have. Take a look at two examples:


Which packaging jumps out at you? Considering that the average decision to pick up a product is made in less than 5 seconds, the full coverage graphics on the left bottle has the clear lead.

Adding Visual Impact to Products

Shrink sleeves also have a few other advantages for labeling household cleaning products.

  • First of all, many cleaning product containers are ergonomically shaped – for example, the hand grips on the bottlenecks on the above products. Shrink sleeves can be molded around distinctive package shapes.
  • You can also use shrink sleeves to build in tamper-evidence in one easy label solution, possibly reducing your overall packaging cost.
  • Because the printed ink is actually inside the shrink sleeve, the graphics aren’t vulnerable to liquids. That means that the product maintains it’s distinctive look, even if the bottle gets wet with product or water. You can see that the store-brand labels above would easily peel off or be damaged should the product get wet.

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