Consolidated Label Adds More Tamper Evident Seal Options for Shrink Sleeve Labels


Sanford, Fla. — Consolidated Label Company, a leading manufacturer of custom labels in the United States, has added perforation capabilities to one of their shrink sleeve cutting machines, resulting in the ability to provide multiple tamper-evident seal configurations.

Wherever product freshness or security of the contents are a major concern, tamper evident seals are an integral part of the overall packaging. With a perforated seal, consumers find it easy to see if a shrink sleeve labeled product has been tampered with, and can then remove the seal far more easily than before.

The perforation attachment is part of a shrink sleeve cutting machine from Karlville Development Group’s C1 series that can run material up to 40 meters per minute. The machine sheets and perforates sleeves for customers who are not perforating the sleeve in line during application. The tamper resistance is achieved by shrinking the sleeve over the cap of the product.

The machine offers two perforation options, a 90° “T-Perf” where the vertical and horizontal perforation meet and form a “T” so the end user can tear the tamper evident seal down and unwrap it from the container, or a 75° “V” perforation that creates a tab-style opening.

The “T-Perf” additions allow Consolidated Label to offer a greater variety of perforations to best fit a wide range of product and packaging needs. Ultimately, this will help the company grow its presence in markets where tamper evident seals are critical for product protection like medical, health, food and beverage.

“We are constantly exploring new technology to better meet our customers’ shrink sleeve labeling needs. Especially if it can help our customers provide a better product experience for their customers,” noted Joel Carmany, president of Consolidated Label.

About Consolidated Label: Consolidated Label is one of the country’s leading suppliers of custom labels, shrink sleeve labels and flexible packaging. The company produces custom label solutions for thousands of customers across a wide variety of industries including food, beverage, household, medical, pharmaceutical and promotional products.