Our UPC Code Quality Process

Maintaining Quality Procedures

UPC code labels, as well as other types of custom labels, go through several stages of quality control (QC). This post specifically talks about the quality control processes that barcodes undergo. Barcodes are tested several times throughout our label production process. We scan every barcode on readers at each step of the way. Here’s how our process works:

  1. Our Art Department generates the barcode using a special program and the number you’ve provided.
  2. When the proof is made, the Artist handling your order scans the barcode to verify it passes barcode scanning requirements.
  3. Before we send this proof to you, our Art Audit team again scans the barcode and a printed report indicating the barcode has passed is attached to the hard copy of the proof.
  4. During printing, the first label submitted for approval is also scanned by our Press Audit team and that report is also attached to the Inspection Sheet.
  5. Pharmaceutical labels undergo another scan at shipping, and this report is attached to the required certification.

All reports are attached to your order files and archived for five years.