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Custom Holographic Labels

Eye-Catching Shine And Patterns

Custom holographic labels can add shine and luster to packaging that grabs customers’ attention – and keeps it. Holographic labels allow more creativity to designers of your product labels. Having more creative and eye-catching labels can potentially mean more customers seeing your product. Besides their visual appeal, holographic foil can influence perceptions about your product or brand with its high-quality look and feel. These labels work for a variety of markets like food, health, and beauty.

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Custom Holographic Label Foil Material

Make Custom Holographic Labels Unique with Holographic Foil

Most consumers make their purchase decision in mere seconds, which is why it’s important to have labels that instantaneously communicate your product’s quality and personality. Since holographic labels are a specialty item, we do require a minimum order for materials. Your dedicated customer service rep will be able to help you determine how much label material is required for your job. We can also print holographic stickers in various shapes and sizes.

Holographic vs. Hologram

A hologram is a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other intense light source. Often used interchangeably, hologram is not the same as holographic. Holographic typically refers to the shiny material used to print labels, stickers, tags, and more. However, hologram refers to the three-dimensional image itself.

We specialize in printing labels on holographic label stock. However, at this time, we do not print hologram labels.

Holographic Label for Pet Product

Options for Holographic Labels

Another process for printing holographic labels is cold foil stamping. In short, we apply the holographic foil onto a base stock (like white glossy paper or clear film), covering only the areas you specify. This gives you the options to use holographic material all over, in patterns, or to accent special graphics.

A benefit of cold foil is it offers more design opportunities, however, the process can increase your cost per label and may require extra lead time if we don’t happen to have the particular foil you want in our inventory. Let’s check out the variety of patterns available with holographic cold foil, and the things you can do with cold foil stamping to make your custom labels stand out.

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