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Custom Permanent Labels

Strong Permanent Adhesives For Custom Labels

Custom permanent labels take a bit of strategic planning when starting your project. A lot of label companies say they have permanent labels but few have the selection we do. We offer a variety of stocks with permanent adhesives like glossy white paper, clear film, metalized silver paper, and more so your preferred label style sticks for a long time. Most custom labels are printed on materials with permanent adhesive by default unless a removable or repositionable adhesive is needed. That’s because there is a greater variety of materials available in a permanent adhesive. They also tend to cost less than other adhesive types. Some additional considerations:

  • Permanent labels can be applied to most surfaces that are nonporous like plastic bottles, glass, cardboard boxes, etc. – they adhere best when the surface is clean and dry.
  • Temperature matters when applying permanent labels, for example, applying a label in cold temperatures (like a freezer) can prevent the label from sticking or staying on.
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How to Achieve Your Labels

There are things we can do to ensure your permanent adhesive labels not only stick but look good throughout their lifespan. With a wide selection of materials available in stock, we can customize your labels to the level of protection you need. For example:

  • Glossy white paper is a cost-effective material that works for most label projects. Using a laminate finish can extend the label’s life so that the artwork doesn’t fade or rub off. Removing permanent adhesive paper can cause issues since they can rip and leave behind pieces and adhesive residue.
  • Custom labels printed on film typically come at a higher cost per label but they could save you time and resources in the long run. Films have a stronger structure than paper materials, and are tear and water resistant. Permanent film labels are slightly easier to remove because they won’t rip like paper.

Check out our quick guide to label materials to see how popular stocks compare.

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