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Custom Repositionable Labels

Apply, Remove, and Re-Apply Labels

Repositionable labels allow you to remove them shortly after application and reapply the labels without leaving behind adhesive residue or destroying the label. Since these labels use an acrylic-based “all-temperature adhesive,” the labels have short-term removal ability so they can be re-positioned or reapplied to another item before achieving permanent adhesion. Need custom removable labels? We can print those too!

custom repositionable labels

Why Choose Repositionable Labels?

The packaging is the first impression your product and brand will make on consumers. Little things can make your packaging look more professional – one of those being high-quality labels that apply straight. Repositionable labels can save you on time and resources when labels accidentally apply crooked and you need flexibility after application to fix them. This is because applying labels by hand, in particular, can result in off-centered packaging labels. See our video below for an overview of label application methods.

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Which Adhesive is Right For Me?

There are three main classifications of adhesives to know: permanent, removable, and repositionable. Within those categories, pressure-sensitive adhesives have different properties that vary from one to the next. However, when choosing a repositionable label, finding the right adhesive can be tricky. In short, this is where the initial tack comes in to play.

The immediate holding power of the label adhesive on contact with a specific surface is the initial tack. If the initial tack is low, it will have low adhesion, allowing the label to be removed cleanly. As a result, adhesives with a low initial tack will build-up adhesion over time (i.e. the difference between removable and repositionable). On the flipside, adhesives with high initial tack will have a stronger adhesion and bond to the container much more quickly. However, for more information or any questions you have on adhesion for your labels, contact us today.

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