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Custom Thermal Transfer Labels

Durable Labels For A Variety Of Applications

Thermal transfer labels receive praise for their resistance to fading and the ability to prevent images from smearing. Thermal transfer printing is ideal for barcode applications due to its durability and longer shelf life. Its material is made from a bright white face stock and standard adhesive. Unlike direct thermal material, colors print on thermal transfer labels allowing you more options with its design and intended use.


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Advantages of Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal transfer printing offers many advantages, such as:

  • Labels stand up to heat or sunlight.
  • The shelf life of the label is usually more than a year.
  • Offers better protection against friction or scratching than direct thermal labels.
  • Allows printing in colors other than black.
  • Considered the ideal printing method for barcodes because it prints crisply and cleanly.

Considerations for Barcodes

In order for your barcode labels to be read by a scanner, they must be printed in black or a single dark color because red and white colored barcodes won’t be read by the scanner. Barcodes must also be a minimum height of .625 (5/8ths) by 1.25 wide. You can get custom barcodes assigned to your product(s) by contacting GS1. Please note that each individual product, manufacturer and product type/quantity has a designated UPC.

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Barcode Labels

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