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Product safety and freshness are critical when the investments you’ve made in your products are at risk. Thus, tamper-evident seals and labels are a great way to ensure protection from tampering and premature spoilage. The FDA defines these labels and seals as “having one or more indicators or barriers to entry which, if breached or missing, can reasonably be expected to provide visible evidence to consumers that tampering has occurred.” As an added bonus, the seal gives consumers a measure of assurance that the product they are buying meets their own quality standards.

Countless options for custom tamper evident shrink bands

Tamper evident seals and labels come in a variety of looks and can function in different ways. Furthermore, below are popular types of seals and labels we print for markets like food, beverage, health, and medical.
Shape it up: We have thousands of cutting dies to find the perfect shape and fit for your sealing needs.
Blank or custom printed: Keep your seals clean and simple with a blank label, or dress it up with your own custom artwork.
Shrink sleeve labels with a perforated seal: We can perforate tamper-evident seals on shrink sleeve labels in a “T-Perf” cut where a vertical and horizontal perforations meet, or a “V-Perf” where the vertical perforation is at a 75° angle, for easy removal.
Various materials available: We offer a variety of materials and finishes. However, glossy white, matte, clear, foil, and holographic are all in stock and ready to print.

In short, with customization options, your tamper-evident seals and labels can be as cool as the rest of your packaging

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