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Flexographic Label Printing

Flexographic printing for custom labels, shrink sleeves, packets

Flexographic Printing for Custom Labels, Shrink Sleeves, Flexible Packets, And More

Flexographic printing is perfect for handling a high output level for label quantities in the thousands and millions. This printing method works with an assortment of materials and technical capabilities such as pressure-sensitive labels, shrink sleeves, flexible packaging, cold foil stamping, and much more. After the initial setup costs, flexographic printing becomes more cost-effective with the more labels you order since our flexographic presses typically run several hundred feet of material per minute. Although setting up a flexographic press often takes more time than a digital press, one of the biggest advantages that it offers is that once a job sets up on the press, it runs very quickly relative to the speed of running a job on a digital press.

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Flexographic label on a bottle

Flexographic Materials and Capabilities

Flexographic printing accommodates a diverse range of label products and materials. For example, we offer coupon label printing, removable adhesive labels, and multi-layer labels. Our presses are capable of printing spot colors, specialized inks, white underprinting, and unique finishes. We even have a 12-color flexographic press which allows for even more customization options! Flexographic presses modify to meet the needs of many different label projects and achieve optimal results.

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