Can I have both gloss and matte finish on my labels?

Gloss and matte finish on roll labels
Yes – your labels can have a gloss and matte finish! Sections of your labels can be applied with a spot UV coating to add a matte finish to parts of glossy labels or protect aesthetic effects like accent colors, foils, textures, etc. Spot UV coatings can also be used as an inventory control by allowing you to add dates and product information coding to areas on the label where there isn’t any coating. When we receive your art file, it needs a spot matte layer to identify which parts to apply a matte coating.

Using gloss and matte finishes not only adds dimension to your labels but also gives them a tactile quality by combining gloss’s smoothness with matte’s softness. You can also have this unique effect on other types of labels materials such as clear film which can blend into the container creating an elegant ‘no label’ look.