Do you have inks for outdoor applications that don’t fade?

We can print weatherproof labels for outdoor applications if the labels will be used for a short duration, but anything longer, problems start to arise. One of the biggest challenges of maintaining a label’s quality in outdoor environments is preserving the printed image – especially if it’s in constant, direct sunlight. If the inks are not formulated to handle UV sun rays, the label’s inks will fade over an extended period of time. Using fade resistant inks for outdoor applications instead of regular water-based inks will help increase the lifespan of the label because it has higher grade pigments that will fade less in sun exposure. Since fade resistant inks are a special type of ink, it’s important to ask your label manufacturer if they can procure it for you.

If your label will primarily be used outdoors in direct sunlight, silk screen printing is the best method to maintain the label’s quality because silk screen inks offer better fade resistance for bumper stickers and other specialty outdoor labels. At this time, we do not offer silk screen printing. Our weatherproof labels are best suited for environments with minimal to no direct sunlight. Below are some examples of markets that use weatherproof labels so you can get a better idea of how versatile these labels can be.