Fluorescent Labels Can Better Communicate Your Message

Fluorescent labels on mailing envelopes
Known for their attention-grabbing color, fluorescent labels and stickers are used for a variety of projects because they can stand out from afar without needing a lot of graphics and text. Bright color labels are a great choice if you want your message to be read loud and clear since the colorful material screams “Look at me!” to a passerby. We’ve printed neon labels for industrial use, promotions, inventory control and more because our customers often need a way to communicate information quickly. Find out how different bright color labels can get your message across in a matter of seconds with the following considerations.

All about the Color

Fluorescent labels and stickers are popular for pretty much one reason: their color. We carry common fluorescent label stocks – like red, green, yellow, pink and orange – that can be used for various types of labels and stickers. Below are some popular ways we’ve seen bright color labels used to achieve different objectives:

yellow caution label

  • Red and yellow tend to be associated with warning and safety labels because the colors jump out at you in an instant, and can mean “stop” or “caution” respectively. Red and yellow fluorescent labels are ideal for communicating urgent safety information on industrial products and equipment so users are less likely to hurt themselves or others.

round neon green sticker

  • Green is a calmer color than red and yellow so they’re more often used for organizational purposes like marking inventory boxes or designating shipments that are good to go. We even use green neon stickers here at Consolidated to distinguish files going to our digital label press because the vibrant green makes it easier to separate digital and flexographic orders.

bright pink stinker for promotion

  • Pink and orange are energetic, fun colors that work well for promotional stickers with messages like “New Item” or “Buy 1, Get 1 Free!” With a unique shape and simple verbiage, pink and orange labels can be used to boost your marketing and sales efforts by attracting new and returning customers to your product(s).

Looking for other fluorescent colors? We can flood coat the label material to achieve different colors outside of the five that we carry. That means we coat the material’s entire surface with ink so you can have bright color labels that are purple, blue or something completely unique. So the next time you’re looking for labels with high visual impact, consider the variety and benefits of fluorescent labels.