Top 7 of ‘17: The Most Popular Label Articles and Videos of 2017

Custom labels and shrink sleeves

A lot happened in 2017 and our blog is no exception! We know you’re busy and may have missed some of our blog posts which is why we’ve compiled the top seven most popular label articles, videos, and guides of 2017 just for you. We cover a variety of topics on our blog, so whether you’re new to labels and packaging or an experienced buyer there’s something here for you!

Custom Label Blog Highlights of 2017

  1. How To Package Granola Bars with Custom Wrappers: Food wrappers are an ideal packaging solution for granola bars and other types of food bars. We’ll walk you through materials and equipment to help you get started.
  2. How to Label Bottles [Video]: There are a variety of factors to consider when you label bottles. Our video explains what you need to know to apply bottle labels successfully.
  3. How to Get A Nutrition Facts Label for Food Products: If your food product needs a Nutrition Facts label, our guide can help! See how to get a Nutrition Facts for food labels.
  4. Shrink Sleeve Cans [Video]: Our video on shrink sleeve cans explains how this packaging solution is helping craft beer and beverage manufacturers get more out of their aluminum cans.
  5. HD Flexo Printing For Labels, Shrink Sleeves & Flexible Packaging [Video]: See how HD flexo printing works and why we’re using the technology to improve print quality on custom labels, shrink sleeves, and flexible packets.
  6. Anti-Counterfeit Labels And Packaging Are Key To Brand Protection: There are a variety of anti-counterfeit labels and packaging solutions businesses can use to protect their brand and product. Learn more in our latest report.
  7. Food-Safe Label Materials [Video]: Using food-safe label materials is a must for food products. Our video explains the difference between material types and other food labeling considerations.

There were definitely more than seven highlights and we’re always publishing new content so feel free to check back to our blog from time to time – or better yet, subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest content right to your inbox!