How can I add a tamper-evident seal to products?

Tamper-evident seals can be printed in several styles to fit different security and packaging needs. One cost-effective option is to use a blank or custom label and apply it to the product’s cap to show that the product hasn’t been opened. If you’re looking for a higher level of protection, however, we recommend shrink sleeve labels with a perforated seal or shrink bands.

Commonly known as “shrink sleeves,” these full-body labels make products stand out with graphics that completely wrap around a container. Not only are they visually interesting, they’re harder to counterfeit than pressure sensitive labels because they’re more complex. We can incorporate tamper evident seals on shrink sleeve labels that are perforated in a “T” or “V” shape so consumers can see that the product contents are secure and fresh. Another option we can print is shrink bands which are film strips that are shrunk to fit around the cap and neck of a bottle or jar to show the product hasn’t been opened. You can choose between non-perforated or perforated and blank or custom printed design (recommended for brand identity and anti-counterfeiting).

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