Can I add texture to shrink sleeves?

Yes, you can add texture to shrink sleeves (please note that an additional fee may apply). Shrink sleeves are a unique print product that makes products stand out – adding texture to them increases the “wow” factor and makes your brand stand out in a sea of competitors. We’re able to add texture to shrink sleeves by using a Rotary Screen Integration (RSI®) system with capabilities to incorporate custom special effects like texture and other creative finishes. Applications available with the RSI® system include:

  • Raised ink deposits
  • Finely detailed lines and shapes
  • Tactile raised images
  • Hologram imitations
  • 3D effectsSecurity features

The system is a self-contained, single color printing unit designed for easy integration into an existing press. It’s capable of operating at line speeds in excess of 410 ft/min and is compatible with all shrink sleeve materials such as PVC and PETG film, as well as a variety of ink types like standard, fluorescent, and metallic colors.

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