What type of material or ink is best for outdoor/industrial applications?

Whenever you get custom labels, you’ll need to take into account what type of conditions your label will face – especially if the label will be outdoors. Labels that will be in constant, direct sunlight are a labeling challenge because UV rays can make labels crack, peel, and fade. Determining which label materials to use will also depend on how long you will need the label to last. If it’s a short duration, you can get away with using less expensive materials like paper. For anything over a couple of months, we recommend using durable, weatherproof materials like vinyl and polyester films since they can withstand freezing to hot temperatures (-50 to 200 degrees) and other elements like sun, chemicals, and abrasion. For further protection, don’t forget to include a durable laminate for outdoor use.

One of the biggest challenges of maintaining a label’s quality in outdoor environments is preserving the printed image – especially if it’s in constant, direct sunlight. If the inks are not formulated to handle UV sun rays, the label’s inks will fade over an extended period of time. Using fade-resistant inks for outdoor applications instead of regular water-based inks will help increase the lifespan of the label because it has higher grade pigments that will fade less in sun exposure. Since fade-resistant inks are a special type of ink, it’s important to ask your label manufacturer if they can procure it for you.