How to Customize Jar Labels for Beautiful Packaging

Jar labels are the perfect decoration to your product’s packaging as they allow for many opportunities to do something creative and unique so your sauce, honey, lotion, etc. can make a lasting impression. From design to label material considerations, there are several ways you can customize your food labels so your product doesn’t get lost in the mix. Check out our label tips so you can start improving your packaging’s appeal today.

shapes for custom labels

Choose the “Right” Label Shape and Size

An effective way to make a jar label stand out is to choose a cutting die that will work best with your label design. Cutting dies are available in different shapes like rectangles, ovals, circles, squares, triangles and more – a custom shape can even be made for you (for an additional fee). Rectangle and oval jar labels are two popular shapes we often print because rectangle labels offer the most design space compared to other shapes, while oval labels are helpful for achieving a higher end look.

For more information on label shapes, read our Design Tips for Popular Label Shapes to see how shape can impact your design and budget.

Customize jar labels

Design High-Quality Artwork

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s still worth mentioning because grabbing consumers’ brief attention span is a challenge. One way you can better ensure your jar label design attracts your target audience – while communicating the essence of your brand – is to work with a professional label designer. We understand that hiring a professional designer isn’t feasible for everyone, that’s why we’ve created several resources you can use to improve the quality of your label artwork:

Pick Complementing Materials

There are a multitude of materials you can choose from, and depending on your project, you should have several options available that will work with your design, budget, product contents and label application method. Below are some material suggestions we’ve found to work well for jar label projects:
clear jar label

  • Clear Labels: An elegant option for achieving a “no label” look, clear labels are printed on transparent film making them resistant to moisture and condensation – perfect for jar products that have runny contents.
  • White Glossy Labels: This material is used in many markets because it’s a cost-effective way to produce high-quality labels. With the use of a laminate, white glossy labels can protect the printed image from bleeding, smudging or fading.
  • Metallic/Foil: Add visual interest to your jar product with metallic labels that reflect light and catches consumers’ attention. Metallic silver paper tends to be more cost-effective, however, foil film is better for resisting moisture, condensation and product contents.

Need more help customizing your labels? Call us today, or check out our design guides, to get started.