Promotional Labels – Which Option is Right for You?


Take your event or sale to the next level with custom promotional labels that not only attract attention but make your target audience more likely to respond. In order to do that, however, it’s important to examine your project’s objectives so you can select a promotional label that fits those needs. Are you trying to get customers to buy your product? Or better remember your brand? Whatever goal you want to achieve, we can help you better understand the variety of promotional labels so it’s easier to pick the “right” one.

Types of Promotional Labels

Promotions are a great way to get your product or name out there since most consumers are on the lookout for special offers and deals. But before you place an order, let’s examine some different label and sticker options available.

  • coupon labelCoupon Labels: Popular across a variety of markets, instant redeemable coupons can attract attention to your product or service by using bright color material, or incorporating bold graphics and text into the coupon design. Another consideration is using an eye-catching label shape, like circles and stars, to make your coupon label stand out more. Coupon labels can be printed so that they remove easily from a product’s packaging allowing customers to redeem them within the store as part of a point-of-sale strategy.


  • instant redeemable couponPiggyback Labels: This versatile label type can be used for sweepstakes, mail-in rebates, business reply cards and more. Piggyback labels are comprised of two layers of label material where the top layer is able to peel off from the base layer which stays adhered to the surface, whether it’s packaging, mail correspondence, print publications, etc. The top layer can be reapplied to an envelope or business reply card making it easier for your target audience to respond back to your promotion. Piggyback labels also work well as instant redeemable coupons since the top layer with the deal can be peeled off and redeemed.


  • qr code labelQR Code Labels: You’ve probably seen these funky square graphics on digital and print ads due to their growing popularity. How they work: a viewer scans the QR code with a smartphone app to open a website, coupon code, sweepstakes giveaway – pretty much anything with a URL. QR code labels are used to create customer engagement, and can be incorporated into your current label design or printed separately.


  • logo stickerSticker Sheets: Not all promotions are product related – stickers sheets are great way to share event information like “save the date” stickers, or create brand awareness with logo stickers applied to marketing collateral, envelopes, welcome kits and more. All you need to do is add a logo and whatever information you want customers to know like your phone number, website address and more. We can print stickers in any shape or size with a variety of materials for ultimate customization.


Now What?

There are several ways you can go with promotional labels, however, one of the most important things you can do to better ensure your labels or stickers are successful is to understand what objective you’re trying to achieve. Once you have a clear plan, it will be easier to choose a label type, materials and printing technique best suited for your needs. Our customer service team would be happy to offer more detailed suggestions after discussing your project’s requirements – contact us today.

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