Round vs Square Corner — Which is Right for Your Labels? [Video]

There are many small decisions that go into designing and printing custom packaging labels, one of them being whether to have round or square corners. Consolidated Label Co. carries thousands of cutting dies that include rectangle labels with round or square corners. Your options are numerous, to say the least!

Both corner shapes have pros and cons, which is why it’s important to understand how they compare so you’re able to select the right cutting die for your custom labels. Let’s get started!

Considerations for Round and Square Corner Labels

It may seem like a minor detail, but the shape of your label corners matters for a variety of reasons. For instance, you might favor the sharpness of square corner labels but it may not be the best option for your packaging if it experiences a lot of friction since square corners snag more easily than round corners.

Here are the five top considerations to keep in mind when deciding between round and square corners for packaging labels:

Size Options

There are more size options for round corner labels, so you might not be able to have square corners if they’re unavailable in the label size you need. If you want square corners in a specific size that doesn’t exist in our library, we can order you a custom cutting die (for a one-time tooling fee).


Round corners have a softer appearance than square corners, which look sharp and precise in comparison. Modern label artwork pairs particularly well with square corners because of the strong lines. Round corner labels are highly versatile and can be seen on most packaging.


Your container will affect your label shape and size options. Small, narrow, tapered, or contoured containers require special consideration since they’re trickier to label. Communicate to our team what you’re labeling to ensure the proper cutting die is selected. You can even send us a sample container for greater peace of mind!


Round corner labels are easier to peel off from the release liner than square corner labels. While most of the labels we print are die-cut, we also offer butt-cut labels that are sliced across and always have square corners. Butt-cut labels don’t have any space between the labels so they can only be hand-applied since they’re incompatible with labeling equipment.


Packaging, shipping, and general handling cause friction on labels. Square corners are more likely to snag than round corners, resulting in the label lifting up or tearing. Products that will encounter a lot of friction should have round corner labels to maintain their appearance. If the product will have more gentle conditions, then square corner labels are fine.

Find the Right Shape for Your Custom Labels

Selecting a label shape for custom labels shouldn’t be a rushed decision. Even the shape of your label corners can affect the success of your labeling endeavor! Make sure to consider size options, appearance, container dimensions, application method, and friction to ensure the right cutting die is used for your packaging labels.

When in doubt, reach out to a highly-rated label printing company for guidance and a large selection of cutting dies. Call us today at 1-800-475-2235 to connect with a label expert!