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What is a co-packer? Co-packer is short for ‘contract packer’ or ‘contract packager.’ A co-packer is a type of business that provides manufacturing and packaging services in order to sell... Read More

Section 1: What are shrink sleeves? With more choices available on store shelves, businesses need a way to differentiate their product from competitors, and one way they’re doing that is... Read More

Before you order shrink sleeve labels, there are some things you should know so you don’t end up with a delayed order or unsatisfactory results. Shrink sleeve orders are a bit... Read More

Things You Should Know Ordering custom labels from Consolidated Label is simple. We have spent over 30 years perfecting and systematizing our process so as to take up as little of... Read More

Setting Up a Document in Illustrator Document setup is important for getting your label artwork right from the start so we can print your labels quickly and accurately. Pixels per... Read More