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Below is our art glossary of some of the commonly used terms in the label industry. Read at your leisure and if you have any questions about label artwork, please call... Read More

Why Vector Files are Preferred for Label Printing There are two main categories of image types: raster and vector. Each have their place, but vector is preferred in printing (particularly... Read More

The Difference between Linking and Embedding Images When you add images to a label design in Illustrator, you can use either ‘place’ or ’embed.’ Embedding actually places a copy of... Read More

Digital cameras, scanners and monitors create images by combining three colors: red, green and blue (RGB). These primary colors of light combine to produce images on computer and television screens.... Read More

When you’re creating label artwork in Illustrator, you may apply raster effects like drop shadows or brushstrokes to your art. These effects help you create elegant label artwork. For your effects... Read More

Convert Text to Outlines Before Submitting Artwork Converting text to outlines before sending your artwork to us better ensures that your labels turn out how you expect. While we do... Read More